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How To Care For Your Synthetic Locs

Care Instructions

1.) Use a silk bonnet to protect the hair nightly. I suggest placing hair in 2-4 twisted or braided sections.

2.) Use fingers to detangle locs NO COMBS OR BRUSHES- finger fluff the hair daily by keeping the loose hair pulled apart.

3.) You may use any product specifically

Labeled for "synthetic hair," such as "Fantasia Braid Sheen Spray," please DO NOT ask me where to find these products try a local hair store or google.

4.) You May wash your hair in the shower (watch the video on our website for visuals) Be gentle, scalp only - air dry or cool dry. No high heat.

5.) You May use a water bottle with one part water one part FABRIC SOFTENER (any brand) if you have extreme tangles. Lighter colors tangle quicker than dark.

6.) You may oil your scalp USE HAIR GREED SERUM (purchase at service) or best results.

7.) DO NOT use rubber bands to tie hair - use another loc as a tie. Rubber Bands, scrunches etc. are too much tension.

8.) *Mermaid Loc Clients* Aggressive pulling and pony-tailing the hair May cause premature unraveling-- be gentle -- keep in mind the reason they are PAINLESS AND LOOSE is because this is a soft wrap NOT a tight wrap like Goddess Etc. If they unwrap simply re-wrap clock wise. If you need a video on how to do it, please request via SUBJECT: Video and you'll receive within 24 hours.

9.) Touch UPS are at YOUR DISCRETION-- but Locs can't be older than 9 weeks.

10.) I appreciate your business - but please DO NOT CONTACT ME for small questions and issues addressed during your service or on the site during non business hours.

11.) I will address any concerns you have with your style for the first 7 days after the service AT NO CHARGE. Go to the website and book a "consultation," please do not contact me for this free service-just book it!

12.) ANY OTHER ISSUES OUTSIDE OF BUSINESS HOURS PLEASE EMAIL BELLALOCS@ICLOUD.COM Please do not use social media as a means to communicate with me.

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