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Let’s Talk Tape-In Extensions

Updated: Feb 20, 2023

Hello Loves. I did this video to introduce you to the world of tape-in extensions and managing your expectation.

What are tape-in extensions?

Tape-in extensions are one to one and a half inches of sections of hair that are pre-taped with medical-grade glue to your hair.

Who‘s a candidate for them?

This technique mirrors the idea of a “blend in weave,” back when you would use your own hair to cover a glue track. Therefore, your hair should be long enough to cover or the tape full enough not to see the tape-in through your hair & head free from any type of scalp conditions such as excessive dandruff etc. You can wash your hair with these in but No oil.

What should I expect from this style?

This style is extremely natural looking & versatile. When installed properly you should have a full ponytail’s, side parts, middle parts & half up - half down. You should buy at least 2 bundles (40 tape-in) for a natural install but for fuller looks buy 3-4 bundles for a total of 60 - 80 tape-ins. KEEP IN MIND. TAPE-INS are like bundles as it relates to weight each bundle is only 50 grams that means to equal 1 bundles of TRACK HAIR you need 2 bundles 100 grams. This is a natural approach to extension. if you’re looking for a super vixen hair style and your natural hair isnt very long and full. Be realistic.

Can they get wet?

Absolutely yes, only oil or alcohol can remove them. Ther are gym friendly as well as vacation ready.


Example of 3 bundles 22” Vietnamese. YouTube Video on this style available.


Example of 4 bundles 22” & 26” Vietnamese Wavy.

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