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  • Whats the difference between Basic Mermaid Locs & Ultra Mermaid Locs?
    BASIC MERMAID LOCS: These are the most cost effective Mermaid Loc style we offer. It has 1 to 11/2 of the first row perimeter individually wrapped, the center of the head is interlocked over cornrows. If you are looking to do high ponytails or have a ton of flexibility other than wearing them down or a top bun -- these are not for you. Unlike Ultra Mermaid Locs they come with 45-50 locs max. They have a less boho chic look, But appear fuller due to no parts being seen. Excellet for thin hair. ​ ULTRA MERMAID LOCS: These are all individually wrapped locs and have total flexibility. They come with 40 locs, but a client may add up to 20 more (total of 60 locs.) They have a more boho chic look. ​
  • What are all the different types of locs you do?
    Every stylist has their own interpretation of loc styles, below are ours in the form of a downloadable card. Keep it with you for future reference.
  • Can Basic Mermaid Locs Be Worn Up?
    Yes and No. Its completely up to the client. In the opinion of Bella Locs-NO! These are installed with a cornrowed center meaning if you take them up high cornrows will be seen. this style is fine for a top bun and wearing down.
  • How Long Does It Take?
    his is an estimate - it could take longer or less than expected depending on clients natural hair density, size of locs, hair length and over all breaks. The times are the same for human and synthetic styles; *Ultra Mermaid Locs: 2 1/2 - 3 hours *Goddess Locs: 6 - 7 hours *Bohemian Locs: 5 - 6 hours *Faux Locs: 4 - 5 hours *Box Braids: 2 - 6 hours
  • How Long Do They Last?
    A lot of this depends on the care you as the customer take with your new style. We suggest if you are wearing synthetic hair and do not want the more authentic distressed matted look to wear a silk bonnet at night and wrap the hair up and away from any friction. All of our locs can be refreshed around the perimeter to keep a tight look. The answer is 2- 3 months ( especially Mermaid Locs) depending on the amount of hair you used for leave out in the style - generally people who use 1 pack of hair (synthetic) have a longer wear time than people who have 1 1/2 to 2 packs of hair. Human Hair Clients last much longer we say 4-6 months. But, this depends on you and your level of taste. ​
  • Can My Locs Get Wet?
    Yes, they all can. But, Mermaid Locs are more sensative due to the large amount of hair left out in this style again (especially with Synthetic Hair.) Human Hair clients have a little more lead way. But, as with all hair including your natural hair, chlorine IS NOT good for it. It dries your hair and can cause damage. If you must swim, wear shower caps or bathing caps to protect all hair involved including your own. Also, rinse your hair with warm water after exposure to pool water and use a spray on leave-in conditoner of your choice.
  • Are The Heavy?
    Yes & No. This is a hard question to answer with definites; So we will say 85-90% of our clients get out of the chair and say, " Omg they are so much lighter than I thought, they're not that heavy!" This is the best we can do to answer this question. Hope that helps.
  • Can I add or Take Locs Away & If So Does It Change The Price?
    Adding locs most definitely will cost a little bit more, removing locs may or may not change the price. We base our styles on the amount of locs, therefore if you have an undercut and pay for 60 locs and we still give you 60 locs, The obligation was fulfilled.
  • Are you charging me card?
    If you book via the "Online Booking" page you are charged a non refundable deposit. ​
  • Where does my deposit go?
    Your deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE if you cancel or are late to an appointment past 30 minutes without approval. No exceptions!!!! These monies are used towards the final bill of your service. If you lose your deposit due to late cancellation, no show or lateness, it does not forward to new services, YOU WILL HAVE TO REPAY your deposit.
  • Whats the lateness, no show and late cancellation policy?"
    Lateness & Late Cancellation: Any client more than 5 minutes late is subject to $15 for each 30 min. And could be cancelled all together resulting in a deposit loss and a balance of $15 due at next service ( via our site) No SHOW: Loss of deposit and may be considered "blocked from service," if it is done more than 2 times. To read more of our TERMS, POLICIES AND PROCEDURE ​click the link.
  • Do we travel?
    We only travel in accordance to our classes or confrences. We do not travel to clients. If you would like to book us during a tour or would like to book us for a tour date please use the contact us form for more info.
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