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  • 2 hr 30 min
  • 275 US dollars
  • Ogontz Avenue

Service Description

HAIR is included. And up. For thicker longer hair past the shoulder add additional $25 this style is crotchet in the center but not the perimeter thats individual locs. *Hair that is wet, damp, not detangled, matted, has product in it from other services such as left over weave glue, build up from previous braids etc. and not ready for service will be charged an additional $50 or appointment cancelled. This means If I have to detangle and blow dry, you will be charged for a wash and blow dry service. Please just come ready with clean freshly blow dried hair— it must be blow dried to a bounce so for some hair types that means blow dry it straight, with a brush or comb attachment. I suggest using or investing in a blow dryer brush all in one typically they are at Marshall etc. don’t ask me price or where else you can find them, please cause I don’t know. Google is a good guide. Please read policies for further info. LATE FEE OF UP TO $30 for lateness over 5 min. $15 per 16-30: $30 31-59 YOU COULD FORFEIT your deposit after 30 min if stylist schedule doesn't permit your tardy.

Cancellation Policy

Rescheduling Refund Policy NO REFUNDS. No Shows: • A no show is defined as the following: A clients who has not cancelled within 48 hours, or late beyond 30 minutes without speaking to a customer service representative for a "request of accommodation." • No Shows will forfeit deposit after 30 minute. No Exceptions. • A "REQUEST OF ACCOMMODATION," maybe asked before the 15 min mark of the start of appointment (ie. Appointment is set for 10am - you're Request is Made at 10:10am) You May submit the request via phone call to 215.253.0518 TEXT are not always seen we do not suggest this method. Lateness: • Clients are considered late after a period of 5 minutes of their appointment start time. NO EXCEPTIONS! • Clients are assessed a late fee after 5 minutes as followed: • 6-15 minutes = $10 • 16 -20 minutes =$15 • 21-30 minutes =$30 This fee must be paid at the start of the service. After 30 minutes we can cancel your appointment and forfeit your deposit. Prior To Service: • Wash And Blow Dry Hair. You DO NOT HAVE TO BLOW DRY ON HOT cool is fine. Hair that is wet or NOT DETANGLED Is charged an additional $25 FOR THIA SERVICE. No Exceptions • Do NOT add An products to your hair. This means NO OILS, NO GELS, NO MOUSSE, NO MOISTURIZERS. Absolutely NOTHING. I attend to your hair and scalp needs at service. • Go to the ATM. If you come and then ask to go to the ATM - you're considered late and the $30 late fee is assessed. • Watch Emails and Texts for any service updates. Address will be sent prior to service if you do not receive it 8 hours before service. Please email us. This rarely to never happens, but better safe than sorry. • If you're traveling from out of town, all above policies still apply. • If your appointment is AFTER 10am, it is possible that your appointment can change. Due to possible clients before you using the late policy, someone has long hair, short hair, etc. all of these factors can and do effect the clients throughout the day. Please feel free to call 215.253.0518 to get an Estimate of Your Start Time. If you're told that your appointment starts at a later time. That's your time. You are held to the late policies from that time. We suggest that you come on time & not the "start time," if you fear being late. We will charge you the same. Rescheduling You may reschedule one time before the 48 hours prior to service to avoid losing your deposit. In order to reschedule your appointment you may do so in the "member account area," just click the reschedule tab - choose a new date and you will have an updated email sent to you. IF YOU RESCHEDULE YOUR APPOINTMENT AFTER 48 HOURS. You WILL STILL HAVE FORFEITED YOUR BOOKING FEE DEPOSIT and therefore, must pay total balance at service. You may reschedule one time within the first 12 hours and it not count as your one “reschedule.” LATE START TIMES We state in the description to service that the actual service time is approximately 30 minutes - 1 hour longer than what it states. We use a standard of 2 hours for booking continuity ONLY, Not as a guideline as to when You will actually be serviced or what time you will be done. THERE IS NO REFUND BECAUSE YOUR SERVICE(s) STARTED LATER THAN BOOKING TIME. This is a human process NOT A MACHINE process. Clients before you are sometimes late, have long or short hair, have medical conditions where they can't sit for long periods of time so I must give them breaks etc. I mean there are a dozen reasons as to why your appointment start time was updated and changed. If you are in a Time constraint THIS IS NOT THE STYLE FOR YOU- Cancel Now! If you are looking to have the most accurate start time BOOK THE 10am that's the first appointment of the day, that's best. ADDRESS Complete address is given 8-12 hours before service. We typically Email this information. It is your job to ensure the email we have is correct. The service is conducted in a residential area and offers FREE off street parking

Contact Details

  • 777 Mayfair St, Philadelphia, PA 19124, USA


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