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Hair Greed Tea Kit

HAIR GREED TEA it is a deliciously tasting black tea it has real pieces of apricots nestled amongst calendula petal. It benefits your hair skin and nails by providing over all liver and healthy blood circulation as well as providing proven herbs that prevent shedding, hair loss, hair growth and hair fullness. HGT has all the benefits of the vitamins contained in some of the Marketed Hair vitamins, but not the acne issues that biotin can give (#SeaKelp has been known as a better source for hair growth then #Biotin.) You'll grow at least an extra inch to an inch and a half just with the tea or if you use it in conjunction with the Hair Greed Scalp Serum it will increase exponentially. The Serum has Actual Coffee in it which is known to increase hair cycle growth up 46% and hairs life cycle 37%. Meaning longer fuller hair with less shedding. It also contains #BambooLeaf Extract the Silica in it is 10xs more than Horsetail Alone. We added #SilkPeptides for Protective Crystallia which promotes shine and elasticity and more.

Hair Greed Tea Kit

  • This tea can be used by:

    1. Drinking 1 16 oz in the morning  
    2. (2) 8oz glasses twice daily *You may also blend the remaining contents into smoothies or hair rinse.


    Use a quarter sized amount to massage into the scalp for 10 minutes 4xs per week. When used in conjuction with our Hair Greed Tea you will see even more dramatic resuts.

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